August 26, 2015

Zodiac Dresser, Designer Edition: Leo by Versace F/W15

Continuing my year-long Zodiac Dresser Designer Edition series of matching up current collections with the zodiac signs they best embody, today's post celebrates Leo, the lion. I have always associated Versace with this sign because this label exudes confidence, strength and sexuality. 
Leo is the performer of the zodiac and ruled by the sun so unsurprisingly, this is a sign that loves attention. Similarly, the bold colors and silhouettes typical of Versace are also very attention grabbing and charmingly confident. 

Additionally, Leo is associated with yellow's even flashier twin, gold.  
This collection's silhouettes were what struck me as very Leo. These clothes don't hide or cloak the figure at all. Instead, these clothes give the body a graphic, edgy quality resulting in a silhouette that seems to slice rather than float or drape through space. Similarly, Leos unabashedly command attention and have few "soft" qualities to their personalities. 
Versace's clothes are also well known for their unapologetic sexuality, a quality typical of fire signs like Leo. This collection's cutouts, exaggerated hourglass shapes and short hemlines all speak to this confident, outgoing sexuality. 

Like this coat (and all the outwear in this collection, really), Leo is loud, larger than life and commands the spotlight. Leo is prone to grandiose expressions of opulence, a hallmark of the Versace brand. In that vein, this coat has nothing modest about it; the voluminous silhouette, lavish fur and electric hue would are individually ostentatious elements combined into one extravagant garment. 

As I've stated previously, Leo has always brought to my mind very 80s, Dynasty fashions like the dresses above and below. As  Leo is considered the most egotistical self-loving sign of the zodiac, it's only appropriate for this collection to feature giant sequined labels, too. 
I hope you've enjoyed this year's musings on Leo. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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