June 21, 2015

the Zodiac Dresser, Designer Edition: Gemini by Commes des Garcons

Continuing my Zodiac Dresser Designer Edition series that matches each zodiac sign with a current designer collection, today we focus on Gemini. The third sign in the astrological calendar, Gemini is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux and ruled by the planet Mercury. I chose Commes des Garcons S/S15 as the sartorial embodiment of
Gemini because of the avant garde, highly conceptual aesthetic of this collection. (All photos from Style.com.) 

Gemini is a highly intellectual sign associated with a life of the mind and ideas. It is said Gemini might best be represented by a question mark. Well, when you see clothes this expensive and this ... not wearable*, well, it is a collection intended more as art than craft, meant to inspire ideas and questions instead of outfits. (*This is not a judgement, just a practical  observation and probably the reason Commes des Garcons has a secondary, wearable line.) 

Gemini is not associated with the color red, which completely dominated this collection BUT I immediately associated this passionate shade with the quick cleverness and nervous temperament imparted by ruling planet and metal Mercury. 

Gemini is an air sign and it appears to me as if all these models are extremely windswept, as if air is circulating organically throughout the garment; certainly I can't be the only one with this impression? Additionally, all the swirling, flowing lines created by both the clothing and hair styling are quite mercurial, no?

On a personal note, I seem to have a soft spot in my heart for individuals born under this sign, ranging from my beloved, late uncle Athanas to my personal fashion guru (yes, you Gaia!). Also, how do you feel, Geminis and non-Geminis alike, about such conceptual clothing? (Me, I love conceptual art so....)


  1. I love this collection you've used to feature Gemini! As a Gem, I agree that a question mark would be the perfect thing to describe my personality. Each design you featured really fits Gemini's quizzical, intellectual, and imaginative spirit.

  2. Love these looks! I too have a special place in my heart for Geminis, Gemini happens to be my rising sign.


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