May 04, 2015

the Zodiac Dresser, Designer Edition: Taurus by Michael Kors

Continuing my Zodiac Dresser Designer Edition series that matches each zodiac sign with a current designer collection.
The most fitting collection for Taurus is Michael Kors Fall 2015 due to the predominance of elegant,time-tested staples executed with luxurious materials and details. Simlarly, Taurus is a practical sign that prefers the familiar (sartorial classics) to new trends while fond of luxury and wealth. 

This coat demonstrates the posh but practical nature of Taurus. Camels coats have been a versatile, elegant wardrobe staple since the 1920s, but this one is made more sumptuous with the ostentatious addition of exotic fur. 

This design takes an otherwise conservative form but uses gold lamé to create a dress that shouts "I'm a rich bitch!"

Here Kors takes on the classic Grecian goddess dress but lowers the waistline for something easier, reflective of Taurus's practical nature. 

I could see a Taurus in this dress not only because it is classic and feminine but also because the sleeves remind me of a matador's costume. (Is that a stretch?)

This dress has the classic, time-tested form mixed with stunningly luxurious material to create an overall expensive look so beloved by Taurus.

What are your reactions to the Michael Kors Fall 2015 collection? Are any of you born under this sign? Can you see a relationship between this line and the sign? Could you see yourself personally wearing any these?

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