April 23, 2015

Zodiac Dresser: and in conclusion, Pisces

Welcome to another installment of my Zodiac Dresser series in which the zodiac guides my outfits. For the third time, we've come to the last of the twelve zodiac signs, Pisces. A water sign symbolized by a pair of connected fish swimming in opposite directions, I liken Pisces to a lake: calm, deep and often surprising. 
90s dress by "My Michelle": Rumors ; cowboy boots by Ariat, courtesy Country Outfitters 
I picked this dress to reflect Pisces' highly artistic and sensitive natures. This outfit is currently a favorite of mine and it inspires me to paint because anyone dressed like this would look great next to an easel, amirite? 
my beloved goofy 70s cloisonné fish from my mammala * cube and quartz earrings by Elaine B. Jewelry  
The Botticelli print on this dress, like so much Renaissance art, is full of symbolism and hidden meanings but also an obvious sense of harmonious beauty. Similarly, Pisces has a depth of soul and emotion often coded and hidden beneath a tranquil aura. Though caring and refined, this sign also fits the stereotypical artistic temperament in its tendency towards melancholy and escapism.    
this super versatile belt was thrifted in Raleigh last month 
Much of the symbolism and narrative coded into the paintings reproduced on this dress speaks to the intertwined nature of life, death and regeneration. Pisces comes very last in the zodiac and is associated with the life/death cycle, hence why this sign is represented by two connected but diverging fish. 
not exactly chambray shirt: Nordstroms 
tranquil depth of soul,
a melancholic dreamer:
artistic Pisces.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the conclusion of this astrological calendar. This will also be the last Zodiac Dresser outfit I'll be posting for the time being. However, I will continue a slightly modified version of this series which focuses on designers who most embody a particular sign.  

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