April 05, 2015

Aquarius III

Today's post finally gets around to celebrating Aquarius as part of my Zodiac Dresser series in which I find inspiration in astrology. Although symbolized by the water-bearer, Aquarius is actually an air sign I liken to an ocean's breeze: calm, refreshing and cool. 
Aquarius outfit
I always associate Aquarian style with psychedelic prints because this sign is arguably the most New Age of the zodiac. Aquarius is open-minded, avant garde and intellectually edgy. The combination of air and water imbues this sign with both the intellectual curiosity of the former and emotional depth of the latter.
60s vintage skirt by Tarri
Appropriately enough, the focal point of this outfit, my skirt, was gifted to me by one of my favorite Aquarians and it used to belong to her mom back when she was a school girl in the sixties. This skirt has made me say to myself "Melina, when you find yourself justifying a garment because it has shorts built in for modesty, that garment should not be worn to your office job, sorry."  

vintage Wrangler boots: thrifted in Utah
Another way in which this outfit embodies the spirit of Aquarius is because it is not only groovy, but also kinda nerdy. Like all air signs, Aquarius loves new ideas, intellectual pursuits and the world of the mind. 
junior boys' Ralph Lauren shirt: 2nd-hand ; 60s necklace: thrifted in Oregon; stud earrings: by me
(If I didn't have such severe metal allergies, I'd wear this vintage necklace ALL the time. Thank goodness for collared shirts at least, amirite?!)
Aquarius outfit
Aquarius is the sign I associate most as a dreamer. 
air and water mix;
Aquarius, the dreamer:
bold ideas, free heart.

Are any of you born under this sign and, if so, do you find yourself attracted to groovy, psychedelic styles at all?


  1. sssooo good! I have kinda I love that this outfit happens to include
    collared shirts and tall cowboy boots, two of my favorites.


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