January 26, 2015

the Zodiac Dresser: Capricorn III

This year, like last, the Capricorn inspired post for my Zodiac Dresser series comes a bit late which is kind of ironic considering the scrupulous, no-nonsense nature of this sign. 
50s dress: thrifted in Oregon * tights: Target *scarf: grandma
The last earth sign in the astrological calender, I liken Capricorn to a mountain peak: tough, ambitious and enduring. It should come as no surprise, then, that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the ancient Roman god of obstacles and discipline. 
necklace: thrifted in Oregon * belt: secondhand 
I chose this brown, 1950s dress because Capricorn is known to be conservative and is associated with the color brown. 
shoes: 80/20
grounded, steady, strong,
always climbing up that hill:
stubborn Capricorn

Are any of you readers Capricorns? Do you tend to dress more conservatively?

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  1. I love the shoes.


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