November 20, 2014

Zodiac Dresser: Scorpio III

Welcome to another installment of the Zodiac Dresser, my series dedicated to astrologically inspired outfits. Today's post celebrates ScorpioScott P. Yates Photography helped me capture the sensual moodiness (or is it moody sensuality?) of this water sign in industrial Manchester. (Photos by Scott P. Yates, duh.) 
vintage 50s dress, handmade: thrifted in Eugene * tights: Oroblu *shoes: Clarks 
Crimson and other deep shades of red are associated with Scorpio, a sign notorious for being jealous, emotional, lustful, sensitive, mysterious and artistic. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto,  a planet named for the Roman god of the netherworld, hence the darker qualities of this sign.  An astrologer friend of mine once told me that the purpose of Scorpio is to bring the darkness to the light. On a personal level, this is one of my favorite signs exactly because of its beautifully dark aspect. I have moon in Scorpio, meaning my id operates much like this sign and I find it a constant source of artistic inspiration. 
scarf: grandma 
Dark undercurrent
of Pluto's death and rebirth:
sensitive Scorpio. 

Thanks again to Scott P. Yates for these photos. I'm happy to hear from any Scorpios in the comments. 

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  1. I really enjoy the photograph on the stairs. Your eyes are very expressive and share that mysterious quality you describe for SCORPIO. I also really like the haiku. Will share with my SCORPIO friends.


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