November 10, 2014

Cinnamon is another warming, spicy plant I appreciate most during winter. A member of the laurel family, cinnamon is a tropical evergreen native to Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines and the West Indes. The bark and young twigs of the cinnamon tree are cut and fermented in the field before dried and used as curled pieces or ground spice. Because cinnamon bark is too potent, the leaves are used instead to make an essential oil which is antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral.  
This essential oil increases energy, motivation and creativity through its stimulating effects. Inhale a drop of cinnamon oil on a tissue to ease mental exhaustion. Use in steam with essential oil of sweet orange to uplift mood. You can also disinfect a toothbrush in a glass of water mixed with a couple drops of cinnamon oil. 
Cinnamon oil can also be used topically to help the immune and circulation systems. A few drops of ginger and cinnamon oils can be added to a bath to ease symptoms of the flu or colds and also added to a massage oil to improve circulation. 

Cinnamon can also be taken internally for medicinal purposes as a spice or tea made by boiling the bark. Cinnamon aids in digestion by blocking the creation of chemicals that cause inflammation. It also contains propanoic acid which helps prevent peptic ulcers. Cinnamon tea's anti-fungal properties can help combat thrush and yeast infections. 
Additionally, cinnamon tea and spice are warming, seasonal and comforting so it doesn't seem like "medicine" at all. 



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