August 24, 2014

Houndstooth Revisted

Y'all have seen this 90s, oversized houndstooth print dress before. But it's been a couple years and I'm styling it differently today:
It actually says "Bombshell" but it also says Brazillian Waxing so.... 
vintage boots: thrifted in Florence, OR * 90s dress by All that Jazz: thrifted in Portland
I'm really into this dress right now and plan to transition it into fall. Perhaps I'll share my cooler weather styling with you as well or is that too much? I'm also really into fuchsia lipstick, too. Laterz!

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  1. I love that this post is "bad girl" leo :) I really like the first and third photo because of that beautiful sassy attitude. I now think of Leo's as "high-need". One of the truest things for me that I've read about Leo's is that when they walk into a room, they want everyone to look at them and say "Hi!!" I can see that it is demanding. I do think it comes from a desire to be connected. There's this built in loneliness to Leos, that some of the self-sustaining signs like Virgo don't have.


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