July 22, 2014

Zodiac Dresser: Cancer

Welcome to this month's installment of the Zodiac Dresser in which I find sartorial inspiration from western astrology. Today's outfit offers a very abstract and subtle perspective on the sign Cancer.
1970s JC Penny halter top: thrifted, and soon getting its own post * skirt: Louie 
With so much red, this top might seem more appropriate for an Aries despite the seafoam and silver accents, colors associated with Cancer (see detail). However, sensual, maternal Cancer's glyph makes obvious which part of the body this sign governs:
Yep! The boobs!!! This sign is the mamma of the zodiac! 
Hence my choice of this sweetheart neckline halter top which emphasizes even small busted ladies such as myself. Cancer is a water sign I liken to the beach. Ruled by the moon, Caner is pulled by the tides of sentiment, intuition, sensuality and creativity. Cancer is represented by a crab, a beach dwelling creature. 
see the seafoam and silvery white petals?

Snappy yet tender,
Caner: maternal beach crab
guided by moonlight

shoes: Robert Clergerie
Given the strong nautical ties I personally associate with this sign, I felt Olive Oil would serve as an appropriate muse...

Cancer is a sign with which I'm very familiar; my rising sign is in Cancer, meaning I project Cancerian vibes outwardly. 

I know at least one of you reading today was born under this sign! What about the rest of you?

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