June 10, 2014

Style 101: Refining Your Style

Refining your sense of style essentially boils down to continually evolving and becoming more discerning. (All images by Victorian artist Charles Dana Gibson.)

*As your life evolves, so should your wardrobe. 
Life is full of change so dress accordingly! Many lifestyle changes such as getting a new job, having kids and moving to a new climate may require a change in your wardrobe. But also, you yourself are likely to change with time and your style should evolve with you.

*Never stop being curious
Curiosity begets inspiration and passion which help you evolve and stay fresh.

*As you experiment, learn what works and what doesn’t. 
If you’re open to exploring, you’re likely to make some mistakes but that’s ok as long as you learn from them. (ex. I can't pull off orange lipstick.) If you find a flattering “magic formula”, keep doing it.
*Become ever more discerning
When I first started thrifting in my teens, I’d buy bags of vintage clothes, most of which, in retrospect, were not that amazing. As I’ve learned more, I’ve become choosier.

*Become ever more knowledgeable
The more you know about vintage, fabrics, designers etc., the more you can put into your ensembles.

*But don’t stop experimenting! 
In some ways, we are more limited in our dress as adults than teens. As you become pickier, there will be less things you try. However, there is still a lot of latitude to experiment and continue growing.

In what ways have you refined your style as you've gotten older?


  1. Have we really come to the end of the series? I can't bear it! I've started reading Tim Gunn's guide to style. What an educated and well spoken man. He covers similar foundations such as proportion and developing personal taste. I wish we could learn his feelings about your style as demonstrated on this blog. He'd be impressed. One of the parts that distinguishes your approach from his, is how rooted you are in historical references. Not only early American style and glamour, but also art history like Botticelli! This is not in any way in disagreement with Tim, but it is a different shade, or perhaps an example of where personal taste can take us. Thank you for sharing and educating. I wonder about style 102... but first I'll do the coursework for style 101.

  2. aw! spanx alexis! I would be beyond honored if Mr. Gunn even knew I existed! The book by him you gave me is totally rooted in history, though!!


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