June 20, 2014


Today's post celebrates Gemini as part of my Zodiac Dresser series. On a personal note, I'm often attracted and inspired by persons born under this exciting sign. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, hence why it has a flighty and sometimes flaky reputation. Represented by twins, Gemini is also often considered two-faced, although I would argue that dualistic is a more fitting description. 
gemini 1
unicorn dress: Rumors * vintage boots: Nobody's Baby, Eugene, OR
An energetic, highly changeable and spontaneous air sign, I liken Gemini to a whirlwind. Although unicorns are not traditionally associated with Gemini, this dress had the fun vibes I need to express my inner astrological party girl! 
gemini 2
sunglasses and vintage belt: Deluxe, Eugene, OR
I chose yellow as a focal point because as the color of novelty, it is associated with Gemini. In addition to the yellow leather, the silver squares of this belt represent mercury.

Gemini: whirlwind
of mercurial spirit,
fun, flight and fancy. 
A famous Gemini whose personal style befits her sign is Angelina Jolie during her Billy Bob phase. 



  1. That picture of you in boots is basically the hottest photo ever. I feel it is your "leveling up" photo. I'm referring to in video games after you get enough experience points you level up. I've leveled to like 3, but you're at 16. Yes, video games are a metaphor for life.

  2. Thank god, Angie wised herself up! Brad may be flaky too, but he's def more responsible than B.Bob.


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