May 18, 2014

the Zodiac Dresser: Taurus for the Third Time

Today's post celebrates Taurus as part of my Zodiac Dresser series, in which I explore the horoscope through outfits. This sign's combination of femininity, conservatism and materialism always makes me think of 1950s June Cleaver/ Betty Draper stereotypes. Many astrologers consider those born under Taurus to be the most attractive in the zodiac. Possible proof: born April 22, 1923, Bettie Page was a Taurus! 
1950s dress: shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (sorry, I forget which) * vintage purse: thrifted in Eugene
Strong and sexy,
Taurus stands firm in beliefs,
as lover and friend.

Excuse the photoshop effects of the photo above! I couldn't help myself. Here's a more to true to life detail view: 
Indian patchwork belt: Porta Portese, Rome * agate necklace: Village Merchants, Portland
Although mauve and pale blue are the colors actually associated with Taurus, I don't wear those colors often as I don't find them that flattering. Instead, my color palette was inspired by violets and poppies, Taurus's token flowers. As wildflowers, violets and poppies grow in  fields which I see as the best embodiment of Taurus's element, earth. Like a field, Taurus is predictable and grounded, yet fertile/creative. Taurus's role in the zodiac is to cultivate resources which can be said of the role fields play in real life, too.
shoes: Robert Clergerie 
Taurus seems to have a strange duality in that it is represented by a bull and yet ruled by the planet Venus, named for the goddess of love and beauty. The field metaphor is what helps me personally make the connection. 

Are any of you born under the sign of Taurus? Are you especially attractive, dependable or materialistic?

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  1. Zow! I love the photo of you in front of that shop! The awesome architecture, window decals plus your outfit and those awesome shoes all put together! Takes me straight to the early 70s when zodiac was a lifestyle.


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