May 27, 2014

Style 101: Taking Lessons from the Arts

Style isn’t limited to your wardrobe. The word style originates from the Latin stylus, a writing tool; the concept of style emerged with literature before it was applied to other forms of expression. What can literature, the fine arts and architecture teach us about our own personal style?

*Immerse yourself and find your predilections. 
Inspiration will follow.

*Color is a vital component of painting and the visual arts in general. 
Pay careful attention to how the artists you like most use and combine color and to what effect.
a Botticelli print dress
*Use art historical motifs in your wardrobe to set the mood.

First Communion demonstrates Picasso's classical training in Western Realism. 
*Notice how literary and art historical styles rely on rules, but how remarkable artists both understand and break convention.
Picasso's abstract and cubist work is what made him a true pioneer. 

*It may seem strange to be inspired by a non-visual medium, but think of how many awesome musicians also have fabulous style?

Vicky Talluso, from the book Cruddy, is a major style influence on me.
*Literature is a great place to find characters that inspire you.

*Many literary and artistic styles employ a philosophy which you can translate into your personal style. 
ex: Wabi Sabi would inspire minimal outfits with slight quirks. Post modern style (like my own) combines various references and disciplines together.

How do the arts inspire your style?


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