May 13, 2014

Style 101: Stylish on a Budget

You can look very “posh with little dosh”.

*Know when to invest (not splurge).
Basic wardrobe staples, particularly those which double for work and leisure, are worth the extra money. These items should remain in your wardrobe for at least 5 years and include: black pants; a white button up; a structured blazer; flattering jeans; a nice white tee; and a beautiful coat in a neutral color. (This is not a comprehensive list.)
*Identify timeless classics your wardrobe needs.
A. had some confusion as to what were lasting or timeless styles. The key to identifying this is research and assessment. First, look through the past 50 decades of fashion. What kinds of items are people wearing over and over again? Red lipstick, for example, has never really gone out of style since it was first commercially produced. Secondly, ask yourself what kinds of items can you honestly see yourself wearing multiple times per month year after year? What kinds of items will match lots of other things you already own and may purchase in the future? These are items that are generally universally flattering when you find the right one. ex. Everyone looks good in a white tee, provided it fits and is good quality.
classic equestrian boots that will be in style forever (via)

*Have at least one pair of very well-made shoes in a lasting style. 
This includes shoes such as classic black boots, pumps and oxfords. This also includes your workout sneakers/walking shoes because of the added pressure to your feet when exercising. There’s nothing worse than having to walk around in uncomfortable shoes.


*Learn to mend and properly care for items so they last longer.

*Bargain hunting, in person or online, takes extra time but can result in big savings.

*Find a consignment store with a style similar to your own and trade there. 
Here in Richmond, I like Rumours. In Oregon, I liked Deluxe in Eugene and Red Light in Portland.

*Thrift stores are a great way to experiment without tremendous financial commitment.

Do you have any tips for staying stylish on a budget? What do you consider timeless wardrobe essentials? 


  1. I would also suggest that when you find those classic, well-made pieces, that if you can afford it buy them in multiples. The worst is having the perfect "#" and having it wear out too soon. Multiples mean they last longer. Some companies have staple pieces that they produce every year in different fabrics and/or colors and if their sizes conform to your body, you might as well stock up.

  2. White is a color I admit to fearing. I think it is beautiful because it sparkles, but it is hard to keep clean. The other day I wore white shorts and just didn't sit down (which is okay). Can you say more as to why a white button up or t-shirt are staples? Do they go well with certain other pieces?

  3. yes, exactly, they are wardrobe basics because they work for a variety of styles and with a huge assortment of pieces. I wear mine over dresses, with quirky skirts, or with simple black pants and a grey blazer for job interviews where I don't know the office culture. You can never go wrong with a white shirt. White pants, however, different story.

  4. yes, a great suggestion, provided your weight doesn't fluctuate wildly


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