May 06, 2014

Style 101: Pattern and Texture

Pattern and texture allow you nuanced ways of personalizing your look.
Tavi mixing stripes, floral and photorealistic prints (
*Artful clashing or "mix-matching" is de rigeur.
The key to pulling it off is attention to scale and diversity. You want to mix a big print with a little one outside its immediate “pattern family.” So for example, pair a big plaid with a small floral print or skinny stripes with a big graphic print.
conservative "power clashing" (via)
*When in doubt, just go with a splash of pattern.
A bold tie, scarf or patterned chemise with an otherwise neutral outfit is both conservative and personalized.

*Don’t forget texture!
These days, we no longer obey the old rules about color and season nor the sharp distinction between formal and casual wear. Texture allows us to express these ideas very subtly, however. Think of the difference between a white nubby wool jacket versus a white linen one. Or the difference between a cobalt blue A-line dress in silk versus one made of blue suede versus one in blue cotton jersey. Three completely different dresses thanks to diverse textures. Be careful how you mix textures, too.

How do you use pattern and texture? Is one more important to you than the other?


  1. Back in high school I used to wear lots of thrifted clothing, but ended up looking more like a gigalo..1950s barbie is my favorite look. kinda on the opposite spectrum. I don't know anyone who rocks vintage like you do!!

  2. I really love the idea of using famous art to figure out how to put colors together. Brainstorm! I can check out art books from the library and refer to them when I am getting dressed. Van Gogh is good example of mastering color.

  3. Pattern and texture.. two things that I love in abundance in photography, but find to be a different story in real life. I think it's the fact that is draws so much attention to you. It's harder to blend into the wall.

  4. Pattern & print mixing is one of my favorite things! ;)


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