May 20, 2014

Style 101: Maximizing Your Wardrobe with Accessories

The devil’s in the details. Accessories are like herbs and spices that can transform staples.  

one lbd, 3 ways
This Polyvore collage illustrates how accessories can completely change one basic piece. 
*Use Polyvore to see how different kinds of accessories can change the same outfit. is a website which allows you to choose clothes and accessories from websites and add them to a collage.

*The key to travelling light is to accessorize wisely. 
5 basic garments and a few smart accessories (scarves, belts, hose and jewelry) can result in months’ worth of diverse looks.

*Tim Gunn said it best when he described the lbd as the perfect neutral platform for your accessories.

A variety of nifty accessories 
*If you are on a budget, focus spending your money on well-fitting basics that work year after year but keep breathing new life into them through new accessories.

How do you use accessories to keep your wardrobe fresh?

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  1. I definitely do not consider it at all when I get dressed. However that maidenform example is a very illustrative description of the 2/3 rule. Also it's hilarious.


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