April 08, 2014

Style 101: Total Immersion of the Heart

Like I said in my intro, if style is a language, immersion is key.

*Keep your eyes open to inspiration everywhere. 
Pay attention to things like architecture, landscaping and people around you.
on the left is the cover my jewelry journal and on the right is the sketch for my first Taurus outfit

*Look at fashion magazines and keep a scrapbook/idea journal.
Check out thrift stores and Craigslist for cheap magazines. As you can see above, I actually sketch out outfits as part of my though process. I also use sketches to see how I can use specific items.
some jewelry scrapbooking on the left and some fashion scrapbooking on the right 

*Window shop for ideas.
Just because you can’t afford to shop somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration there.

*Stay up to date with arts and culture news.
Know what’s on the runways and in the media.

*Read up
Industry professionals, like my favorites Tim Gunn and Kate Spade, have books full of guidance.

*Become familiar with art and fashion history.
There are books, blogs, documentaries and primary source material all over the place.

How do you immerse yourself in style? Do any of you also keep a style or fashion journal?

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