April 22, 2014

Style 101: Silhouette and Proportion

Mastering silhouette and proportion is key to wearing flattering outfits. There are always exceptions to these rules, though. Trial and error is the best way to figure out what kinds of silhouettes and proportions work best on your body.


He goes further into detail in his books.

*When in doubt, use the 2/3 or proportion rule or just wear one piece.
Don't chop your body in half. ex. Wear a cropped jacket with a mid-length or long dress, not over a tee and jeans which chops you up.
Notice how I paired a voluminous skirt with a very tight top tucked in so it broke my outfit into 2/3rds. 
*Wear tight garments with loose/voluminous ones.
If you wear skinny jeans, wear a tunic not a tube top. If you wear a billowy skirt, pair it with a tight halter, not an over-sized tee.

*Use proportion and fit to emphasize your favorite features and downplay your least favorite.
Don’t want to draw attention to your butt? A loose tunic. Nice decolletage? Wear sweetheart necklines.

*Proper foundation garments are key to a successful silhouette.
This is especially true for authentic vintage looks. I used to think all women in the 1950s were knockouts with big pointy boobs and tiny waists. Then I discovered bullet bras and waist-cinchers. That’s a bit extreme for today’s world, but bras in particular can make or break a look.

*Consider a tailor or learn to alter your clothes. 
Sometimes the best way to get a garment with the exact right proportions for your body is to make it so! This is particularly useful for reliable wardrobe basics and for formal or business attire.
How do you consider silhouette and proportion when you get dressed?


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