April 29, 2014

Style 101: Incorporating Vintage

Incorporating authentic or reproduction vintage elements into your wardrobe is a blast.
I'm wearing a vintage skirt, but styled in completely contemporary way. (Photo by Melissa Mankins.)
*To avoid looking costumey, do not wear one decade head-to-toe but mix contemporary and vintage pieces.
If you are new to vintage, the best place to start is with vintage jewelry because it tends to age well and won’t overwhelm your outfit. By the way, I’m not implying that head-to-toe vintage looks are not awesome; they absolutely are! But you can also use vintage to look completely contemporary and very original.

Dita Von Teese rocks a full on 40s/50s cheesecake look (via)
*That said, is there one decade that really just suits you best?
Some people can totally rock a specific decade. That might be you; if that’s the case, immerse yourself!

There’s so much on Pinterest and Flickr it’s ridiculous. An excellent book is Decades of Beauty. I consider vintage shops, Ebay and Etsy all primary source material, by the way. Notice how your favorite bloggers might use vintage and to what effect.

Do you incorporate vintage into your outfits? Do you prefer one decade head-to-toe or a mix?


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