April 15, 2014

Style 101: Color is Your Friend

Develop an eye for color and master successful combinations so you can really have fun with style.
1946 Complete Home Decorator
from the 1946 Complete Home Decorator 
*Learn how the color wheel works.
Pay attention to the concept of complimentary colors. Consider taking a painting class to deepen your understanding of color.

I consider Miuccia Prada a complete genius when it comes to color (via).
*Consult the experts.
Kate Spade offers a thoughtful discussion on color in Style. Pay careful attention to how designers and artists like Miuccia Prada and Van Gogh treat and combine color.

*If possible, get a professional hair and makeup consultation, in that order. 
This just means seeking a good hair colorist’s opinion and seeing what a knowledgeable makeup counter recommends.
Notice how this bird of paradise flower contains purple and orange tones, one of my favorite color combos (via)
*Look to nature for clues.
Much of what we perceive as harmonious originates in natural forms such as flowers, birds and landscapes.
1946 Complete Home Decorator
from the 1946 Complete Home Decorator 
*Use paint chips and color palettes to help guide you.
Vintage color palettes are an awesome source of inspiration.

*Pay attention to colors' connotations and associations. 
Certain colors have specific cultural associations, for example, royal purple. Notice how certain colors affect you personally.

*Melina’s favorite color combos:

Lilac and pumpkin and/or royal purple and tangerine: counter-compliments, these colors are a rich but playful combination.

Red, white and blue: not just because it’s patriotic since these colors are used in many nations' flags. This combination is fresh and easily allows for a nautical twist.

Brown and blue: earthy and understated, this combination is the comfort food of color.

What are your favorite colors and color combinations?

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