April 12, 2014

Outfit: Maritime Cowgirl

I put together this outfit on Friday; I'm pretty proud of it. 
It's 2 parts maritime and 1 part cowgirl. I included a rosemary bush in this shot since it is also associated with the sea. 
shirt: thrifted 90s Express Tricot * necklace: secondhand from Penelope
This outfit is quite a bit more flattering in person, btw. 
Sailor girl
boots: Ariat, courtesy of Country Outfitters
What you can't see in the photos is the barrette I bought from the Bakelite Lady at the San Francisco Vintage Convention. I was really touched, however, when my mom said she had owned one exactly like it in the 70s. 
Button and barrette detail
skirt: secondhand, by Louie 
Well, I hope you've enjoyed today's outfit as much as I've enjoyed wearing it. I foresee myself a summer full of nautically-themed outfits in my near future....

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