March 26, 2014

Welcome to another installment of my Zodiac Dresser series in which I explore astrology through outfits. For the second time, we've come to the last of the twelve zodiac signs, Pisces. I really wanted to have a water feature in these photos, but Virginia's erratic weather of late made that difficult.
Skull Poncho: Y&H, RVA * boots: Argentina 
I immediately thought of Pisces when I found this dress because it is a water sign. 
90s dress: Diversity Thrift
Each zodiac sign represents a stage of human development. Because it falls last in the astrological year, Pisces is associated with death and rebirth, hence my choice of the skull poncho. 
vintage sunglasses: thrifted on Oregon Coast * cloisonné fish with funny nose: from my mom's youth in Beirut
These vintage sunglasses have always had an aquatic quality to them for me. This fish pendant seemed like the perfect piece of jewelry to represent this fishy sign associated with turquoise. 

Are any of my readers Pisces? (SG: I know you are!) Do you relate to the watery, soulful personality typically associated with this sign?


  1. I love those pictures from the 1946 Complete Home Decorator. I especially like the one designed for the girl who loves outdoor recreation. "Furniture built of simple but solid lines.. you need a feeling of wide open spaces". Well put. From this post I am going to take away looking for trends within my pinterest board. Maybe I will create sub genres within the style family. This also has led me to consider embracing denim. Denim meets the orient.

  2. What steps have you taken towards self-awareness that have improved your style?

    1) recognizing that in the mornings I never take time to get dressed. If a nice outfit is going to happen, the time must be set aside the night before.
    2)I am aware I am very lazy about style. It's about priorities and not taking the time to slow down and do hair/clothes. Taking the time helps a lot.
    3) I don't feel confident about my arms/legs. Getting some muscles going makes me feel like I as strong on the outside as I feel on the inside. This means there is less need to hide.


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