March 25, 2014

Style 101: Know Thyself

Knowing yourself is key to you wearing the clothes instead of the other way around.
(Images in this post are from the 1946 Complete Home Decorator section on different furnishing personality types.)
1946 Complete Home Decorator
Kinda sounds like me! 
*Consider your lifestyle. 
A closet full of sequined cocktail dresses is glamorous but won’t serve you if you work full time in corporate America or an elementary school. Keep the climate of where you live or visit in mind when building your wardrobe. Be aware of your budget as well as how much space you have. Be realistic.

*Understand your body and what flatters you
This is not about judgment; I truly believe beauty comes in all sizes and forms. But this is about you wearing your clothes, remember? If you can’t tell what looks good, find that one friend we all have who is brutally honest and get their help.
1946 Complete Home Decorator
sounds a lot like my mamma 
*Learn about your tastes
Keep a Pinterest or fashion scrapbook to explore your predilections as well as trends. Look for common threads in your taste to begin refining your style.

*Cultivate yourself. 
Confidence is key to owning your style. Love is a verb so love yourself by taking care of your body, intellect, spirit and heart. (More on this in next week’s installment of Style 101 : Confidence is Key.)
1946 Complete Home Decorator
*Focus on yourself as an individual, not as a “type”. 
Instead of figuring out if you are a “pear vs. apple shape” or “winter vs. summer,” just figure out what works for you personally.

What steps have you taken towards self-awareness that have improved your style?


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