March 15, 2014

easy breezy dress of late: black jersey

This heavy jersey dress is the most comfortable thing I own right now, totally easy breezy. Here are two variations on an outfit I've been wearing almost too frequently lately:
really bugs me I can't remember where on earth I found these boots... not a single clue
dress: anthro * shirt: Nordstrom's *wingtips: Frye * purse: vintage Lancel * style = all mine
A couple important closeups:
#tights #triangles #wingtips
tights: anna sui
What you didn't know is my tights have triangles!!
#hand #charms #coral #red #agate #stone
necklace: handmade, agate and coral charms * book: Farm Ballads, 1882. I should feature this book more...
What's great about this dress is it offers so many ways to layer! More outfits to come...

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  1. I would like you to know I just started a new pinterest board entitled "Post Modern" style, after how you described your fashion. I pinned the photo of your tights. The colors in that are so exciting!


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