February 02, 2014

the Zodiac Dresser: Capricorn

And finally, a post inspired by Capricorn for my Zodiac Dresser series in which I explore astrology through personal style. (I sincerely apologize that I didn't manage to get this posted while we were still in Capricorn.) This sign is a practical, hardworking and conservative so I wanted an outfit which reflected all these qualities.
Oh, and here I am with Capricorn's symbol, a goat!
capricorn outfit
(jumper: thrifted * top: free people * boots: Mosquitos * tights: UO)
Capricorn is associated with the color brown, which is how I chose the jumper and boots. I also picked these overalls to represent the way in which Capricorns are said to grown younger in spirit as they get biologically older. 
Believe me when I tell you this goat looks like my roommate's cat.
Now I've got ombre tights and ombre hair (more on the latter soon).
And in conclusion: IT'S GOAT TIME!!*
Any Capricorn readers out there? How do you feel about the characterization that you are growing younger as you age?

*If you've ever been lucky enough to hike with me, you would know that on especially steep inclines I like to sing "it's goat time" to the tune of "it's hammer time". 

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