February 16, 2014

E!'s "Total Divas" = Artist Eric Stanton's Fantasy (NSFW)

Are you familiar with the work of fetish artist Eric Stanton? He rose to prominence in the 1950s through his titillating and risque drawings of ladies featured in Exotique magazine (which also employed fetish darling Bettie Page). 
 Let's just say this guy liked his ladies curvy and in charge, shall we?
Oh, and he was also definitely into lady athletes and wrestlers in particular.
Here's how dude envisioned himself and his muse:
To further drive my point home:
All this before Coop, mind you. 
So, a while back when I saw this promo for a (then) new reality series on E! about lady wrestlers called Total Divas I immediately thought that wherever he is, Mr. Stanton must surely be getting aroused from beyond the grave. (R. Crumb, meanwhile, is just getting aroused here on earth.)

Well, I hope this has been eye-opening for all of you. What are your thoughts on either the Total Divas themselves, the show or Eric Stanton?


  1. "The light is green!"
    I love overall dresses always and forever, though sometimes they may be unflattering-- but this one totally IS! brown and pink, dunno if it would have occurred to me but I think it looks great.

  2. hahaha! took me a minute to remember that they would call him goat boy!! Happy Texas is on Netflix streaming now FYI.
    I usu. go for blue and brown but there's something about the softness of the textures of the overalls and top that suggested they go together.


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