January 22, 2014

Outfit: Aspen meets Paris

Although these pictures are from last week, the Aspen-meets-Paris vibes seem appropriate for today's snowy weather in Virginia.
top: Nordstrom * bodysuit, worn under: Ann Taylor, 90s * pants: Flying Monkey from Y&H *70s sweater: thrifted, PDX
This button-up has been my go-to shirt for a while now. It seems too soft and not denim-y enough to be chambray exactly.
beret: by Bronte, from Anthro * Boots: Oscar
I believe I was born to rock this leopard print beret.
Power #crystal and power icon #bettiepage #druzy #stone #jewelry #chain #peacesymbol
I wanted to provide a closeup of the Dara Ettinger ring I wear as a necklace. This titanium druzy piece is very difficult to photograph accurately, though. Imagine a gas spill and a geode had a gorgeous, magical baby. The gunmetal chain with peace-symbol tag is nifty, too.
Are any of you snowed in today as well?


  1. Aspen meets Paris. That is an interesting idea. I agree that you may have been born to wear that leopard beret. It fills my subconscious with its fantastic-ness.

  2. haha! we were both born to wear berets!!


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