January 13, 2014

My Haphazardly Bohemian Bedroom

For my first post of 2014, I wanted to get personal and give you a circular tour of my bedroom.

My stuff is a random pastiche of items collected in various places. Also, I have an indoor tree in my room! It's like sleeping in a jungle at night. Oh, did I mention I have a total of 3 indoor trees?

I found this painting in the trash in an art class. I have no idea who painted it or what inspired it, but I've always imagined she's a young sicilian woman in the late 19th/early 20th century.

This is a print made and signed by Coop gifted to me by someone who found it in a freepile in Portland. Truly one of my most treasured items.

Boy is it difficult to photograph a mirrored surface! I found this Aubrey Beardsley printed mirror at the Portland bins.

This is the, ahem, backside of a Bettie Page in Bondage comic book. Yay for 90s Bettie Page memorabilia!

The statuette was made by a local artist. Boy am I proud of my coral cactus, the strange looking plant third from the left up top.

The dresser is from the 1930s. I found it on Craigslist. How did people find furniture before that site, seriously?

Another 90s Bettie Page comic book and a 1948 Vargas illustration.

This bizarre yet adorable ceramic piece is by a local artist. For those of you who've never been here, Richmond is FULL of very talented artists and artisans. Any local folk care to chime in?

I use a narrow desk as a vanity.

Some astrological vibes....

My inspiration board.

The painting on the left is by my favorite artist, Georgia Myers. The one to the right was done by me in 2007.

Thanks to this light plate, I can literally turn Bettie Page on.

Yes, I have 2 closets! But still struggle, quite honestly. The posters on the right are all holographic. I found the Audrey one in an alley in Eugene the day I started driving cross country. The two paintings on the left are by the supremely talented Georgia. Can you recognize the girl on the bottom? Please note that those little rainbows aren't light flares but actually the result of the prism hanging in my window. Now if that isn't science and magic, I don't know what is.

And finally, we are back where we started. The Egyptian blanket is a gift and I adore it. I do wish I had a nice iron bed or something like that, or at least a box spring but... I did say "haphazardly bohemian" in the title. If you have any decorating ideas, please share in the comments,


  1. Very nice, I love that dresser! I have no idea how people furnished their spaces prior to CL either. I love being in Portland too CL is so much better out here than in Knoxville TN where we moved from!

  2. What a beautiful space! Having plants in your living space is always so wonderful.

  3. YESSS a guided tour of your bedroom! You know I am nosy but in particular about people who are so interesting and have interesting stuff, and unfortunately for you my dear, that has always been you!! Extra-love the prints, giraffe, and that seriously absolutely gorgeous dresser.

  4. I have prisms hanging, too! I love the rainbows flickering around the room during magic hour so much. And that Beardsley mirror is to die for!!

  5. I noticed the prisms in your Instagram feed and was like "now she IS a woman after my own heart"! Thanks for visiting my blog Sara!

  6. actually this has always been one my favorite qualities of yours. snoop away! I must be some kind of "materialistic exhibitionist" while you are a materials voyeur... (really I'm both though!)

  7. thanks! also Liz, you asked a while back about a skull poncho: it's by Raj from Y&H in Richmond, VA. call them!

  8. my goodness yes! I found straight up antique furniture for free on CList when I lived in Eugene. I miss my vintage rocking chair!


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