December 22, 2013

Obsessive Outfit of Late: Squirrel Shirt

I've been wearing this outfit pretty consistently the past few weeks. Don't say you weren't warned about the skull poncho....

(pants and skull poncho: Y&H)
The star of today's outfit is the squirrel shirt.  For those of you lucky enough to know her, you can appreciate the hilarity of my mom telling me she had to get me this shirt because it "is so you". 
(earrings: Tawapa * shirt: Headline Shirts)
I'm not super into squirrels, don't play music nor appreciate the banjo especially, so I'm not sure what convinced mom I would love this shirt. BUT I DO! Moms! What I like so much about the squirrel shirt, besides its total randomness, is that it is nice and long, blurring the boundary between t-shirt and dress. My theory is mom just recognized the shirt's hipsterness. Moms!
This outfit would not be complete without these warm, cozy boots which my roommate's cat keeps try to hunt.
I hope everyone's been enjoying a cheerful holiday season,

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