August 06, 2013

the Zodiac Dresser: Leo

The sign Leo was the inspiration behind this August's installment of the Zodiac Dresser. Dramatic and charismatic, Leos love to be on center stage so I wanted to channel June Cash (not a Leo) for this look. 
50s dress by Claire McCardell: vintage shop in Charlottesville's downtown mall * Ariat boots
I chose this dress not only for its rockabilly vibes but also because golden yellow is the color associated with Leo. My accessories are gold and bold to refer to the sun, Leo's ruling cosmic body.
earrings: Il Gatto Selvatico * belt: 2nd hand
While peacocks are not directly associated with this sign, I did feel the showiness of these earrings was very typical of Leo. 

vintage cuff: thrifted 
As you may have guessed, Leos are symbolized by the lion. That's why you can't dress like a Leo without big hair! 

To summarize my feelings on Leos, I think when they're good, they're great: bold, warm, generous and gregarious But when they're bad, Leos are just awful: megalomaniacal, arrogant and explosive. How do you feel about that, readers? 



  1. Love the outfit and photos, especially the top photo

  2. Yes! You look like a 50's country singer! Patsy Cline?
    I have a Zodiac question for you, Miss Bee. I've always kind of lumped Aries and Leo together as being similar, as they are both fiery bosses, and I figured I got along equally well with both. Yet I have several very close Aries friends and no Leo friends-- and hardly any Leo acquaintances, either. Perhaps I am mistaken to think of them the same. What are the most important differences between the two, in your opinion?

  3. yes, I was inspired by a 50s country singer, June Cash. But I like Patsy, too!

    Anyways, this is the best question I've ever gotten here maybe. I would say that Leo is the king but Aries is the general if that makes sense. Aries is a spark, quick and fast while Leo is more like a roaring fire. In general, they say Leos are more emotional than Aries. Aries have lots of courage and pluck, while Leos have more confidence. You're right though, these are rather similar signs and are said to get along famously.

  4. I love reading about star signs so interesting!

  5. This explains my big hair. At last . It all makes sense now.

    Love the post.

    Also am glad to understand why "mustard" has become my favorite color this year.

  6. You look beautiful! And yesss, I've waited for the Leo outfit! (I maybe missed it last time around?) I love this interpretation. The dress and cuff are both super cute.


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