August 30, 2013

one last summer dress?

I'm a firm believer that it's summer until September 21st and usually I cling to the last vestiges of this season for as long as possible. This year, I'm definitely sick of the hot, humid, generally miserable Virginia weather and super looking forwards to fall. That said, I am totally in love with this new, summery dress of mine:
dress: Rumors
I am all kinds of confused about this handmade garment. The cut totally looks vintage but it is made of new fabric which I believe may be West African. 
note the star shaped zipper pull! * necklace: made by me with vintage Japanese ceramic bead (thanks Janny!)
I feel totally womanly and vibrant swishing around in this number. 
not the best facial expression but this picture captures how the dress moves
What about you guys? Still digging summer fashions or are you ready for knit layers?

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  1. I love the colors in this outfit, the fact that it combines modernity and vintage, and that necklace is really one of a kind. I wonder how the fabric feels to the touch.


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