August 24, 2013

new shirt at work and play

Lately I am more interested in new garments instead of vintage, focusing on versatile staples. Because I work and play a lot, I need clothes that can do the same. I got this shirt at Nordstroms recently because lightweight clothes are necessary in Richmond's hot, humid summers. 
boots: Justin Ropers thrifted in New Mexico by my friend Madeleine *skirt: (thrifted) Ann Taylor
I wear it with a pleated skirt and boots to work, granted I work in business-casual environments. 
shoes: UO * glasses: vintage Ninna Ricci
Not business casual. I like it with my 90s skull miniskirt which I thrifted in Salt Lake City.
What kinds of garments do you find useful staples, easy to mix and match to create various looks?


  1. That 90s skirt is such a find, awesome!
    I've been struggling with wearing my vintage lately. Most of my staple pieces are polyester, or another blend that is not breathable. I work at a cafe that has no a/c, so I've been trying to find cotton pieces that will let me look stylish, but still cool and comfortable. That being said, I can't wait until cold weather when I can don my polyester blend dresses again.

  2. Liz, I am normally SUCH a summer person but this year, I'm ready for fall, too. It kinda really has the most potential fashion wise since you can layer, wear knits, or even warm up summer dresses. breathable is key when you work in food service! (so are dark clothes, I've found)


looking forward to hearing from you!