July 07, 2013

the Zodiac Dresser: Cancer

Welcome to another installment of the zodiac dresser, my series of astrologically inspired outfits.  Cancer is the loyal, feminine and sensitive water sign behind today's post.
50s dress: thrifted, Oregon *90s boots: thrifted, Virginia
Because seafoam green and silver are the color associated with Cancer, I felt more influenced by a mermaid than a crab, this sign's traditional symbol. 
at Maymont's Japanese gardens
Cancer is linked to the stomach and breasts, hence my choice of a 50s wiggle dress with internal boning for an enhanced waist. 
vintage purse: antique mall in Winchester, Virginia 
I meant to wear this very mermaid necklace but forgot. Oops.
In conclusion: Happy Birthday to my two favorite Cancers, my mama and college pal, Sonya.

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  1. What a beautiful garden! I miss living in an area with a variety of gardens to spend time in.


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