June 12, 2013

The Zodiac Dresser: Gemini II

It's time again for the Zodiac Dresser, my series of astrologically inspired outfits. Today's sign is Gemini, symbolized by twins. 
90s dress: Luxor Vintage * Clyde's tote: gifted
Because gemini is fun, versatile, lively and youthful, I had a festival-type outfit in mind like I'd wear to Coachella (sadly couldn't get the background to match). Yellow is the color most associated with gemini so it the main color of this hippy party dress. 
notice the twin giraffes on my tote?
Gemini is also known as a flighty and mercurial sign that struggles to make real commitments. After all, gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. On a positive note, as an air sign, gemini is communicative, friendly and intellectual-- truly the life of the party. 
70s shoes: thrifted * earrings by me 
pom pom earrings
for sale via
I've been told that hoops are for party girls so these fun, youthful hoops seemed perfect for my gemini wild child. 
I hope you've enjoyed my latest interpretation of a gemini outfit. Are any of you born under the sign of the twins? 

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