June 14, 2013

5 Things I Like: Essential Oil Brands

#1 Snow Lotus


I was introduced to Snow Lotus by a highly respected acupuncturist and it is my absolute number one favorite brand. Snow Louts creates full-spectrum oils so they are as close to wearing the actual plant as possible. Their vetiver is especially aromatic and sedative. 

Aura Caccia 


A relatively easy to find brand, Aura Caccia is reliable and high quality. This brand also sells larger bottles of widely-used oils like eucalyptus. I'm fond of their lavender harvest blend which combines different types of my favorite plant for an aromatherpeutic blast.

Desert Essence


Desert Essence is my go-to brand for tea tree oil. They make a very handy roll-on as well as a lavender and tea tree blend. 


sorry, this is the best pic I could find, via 

Local to my hometown of Richmond, Va., Anoush makes a very sweet, mild lavender oil I like. The deco/psychedelic packaging is so charming. (Btw, "anoush" means "sweet" in a couple different languages, including Farsi and Armenian. Adorbs, no?!)

Uncle Harry's 


Native to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest,  this brand makes very potent clove and grapefruit essential oils as well as a variety of natural care products.  

Have you tried any of these brands? Are there other essential oil companies I left out?



  1. Justina BlakeneyJune 15, 2013 at 1:11 AM

    Im a big fan of that Tea Tree oil. I use it on my toe nails and blemishes :D

  2. Oil of clove sounds amazing! I'm looking into it ASAP.


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