May 04, 2013

the Zodiac Dresser: Taurus II

Welcome to another Taurus inspired outfit. Ruled by Venus, the planet named for the Roman godess of love and beauty, Taurus is truly a romantic sign. (Photos by Charles O'Donavan)
my favorite hashtag? #loveva
Symbolized by a bull, Taurus is loathe to change. This combination of sensuality and stubbornness brings to my mind a classic, 50s bombshell aesthetic.
1950s lace dress: thrifted 
Mauve and pale blue are colors associated with Taurus.
I love the combination of these two necklaces. 
Due to their colors and romantic associations, I felt amethyst and rose quartz were the perfect stones for Taurus-themed jewelry. As Taurus rules the neck, necklaces were an obvious choice. 
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An earth sign, Taurus is pragmatic, resourceful and patient. However, this sign's materialistic and stubborn tendencies can result in a stingy, dogmatic attitude. 
At Maymont, possibly the most romantic spot in Richmond
Overall, thought, this sign is a lover, not a fighter (unlike Aries which precedes it). 
vintage bag: antique store * shoes: Pink
I hope you've enjoyed my take on Taurus this year. Is this your astrological sign? If so, what styles do you feel best exemplify Taurus?


  1. I love the Zodiac Dresser series. I think this post turned out especially well due to the special location. I hope to see more Richmond landmarks in the future!

  2. First off, ya look gorgeous. Second off, these colours are really pretty (and eerie?). And third off, I think your interpretation is spot on. I love this series. :)

  3. These photos of you are so beautiful! Especially the second one. It reveals your softer side... Perhaps its you're lovers that see that most frequently/


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