April 14, 2013

the marriage of my two blogs

Per one of my longtime readers' suggestion, I've decided to combine my new age blog (Amethyst Honey) with my longtime personal style blog (Melina Bee). I find this rather ironic since it took me a good while to start actually researching and writing material for Amethyst Honey only to now move on. 

I've realized that my stylish side and my interest in new age spirituality are not two completely different parts of myself but both an extension of my curious, creative personality. I'd rather maintain and promote just one blog with many posts per week. So basically, I'm  bringing more writing and more of my personal self to melinab.com which I hope only makes this a better blog overall.  

All items imported from Amethyst Honey have been tagged with the label "new age" in case you missed out. I'm also considering changing the name of this blog (but not url) to Amethyst Honey. Your thoughts?



  1. Yay! I like your blog name right now, but do whatever floats your boat! Happy to see you are excited about blogging!

  2. Britt, Flow DisruptionApril 16, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    I love that about you and your blog - it covers all different interests, not just one or two things. :) I like your blog name as is, but if the inspiration comes, and you come up with a whole new thing, I say go for it.


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