April 10, 2013

Minimalist Outfit with Amethyst Crystals

Despite being a maximalist, lately I've been getting into minimalism because of its focus on geometry and my general desire to have a less cluttered life. But of course, I do love ornament, so I can't pare down but so much. 
shirt: thrifted, Gap * pants: target * 70s boots: thrifted *bag: thrifted 
Maybe I can start adopting a maximilist inspired approach to minimalism?
glasses: vintage Nina Ricci. Fancy, right?
Some of my recent jewelry pieces have been minimalist, including the ones I'm wearing here. I like how these kinds of pieces layer with chunkier, more bohemian pieces as well as how they look worn with vintage clothing. 
amethyst and brass triangle
for sale
Amethyst crystals seem perfect for any occasion. 
amethyst drop
for sale
Your feelings on minimalism? 

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  1. Britt, Flow DisruptionApril 12, 2013 at 9:43 PM

    I'm lovin' the maximalist-meets-minimalist approach. The amethyst jewelry is stunning. (I think my blog photos are fixed?? There seems to have been a glitch with PhotoBucket and I've had to reupload the photos twice, but hopefully it's all good now.)


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