April 22, 2013


A type of coal famous for its rich black hue, jet has been used to make jewelry and protective talismans since the bronze age. Ancient greek worshippers of the goddess Cybelle wore this stone as they believed to be sacred to her. Romans used jet to make bangles, beads and rings. In mediterranean cultures today, jet is used as an amulet against the evil eye.
Ancient Roman ring via
Wives of viking sailors wore jet believing it could protect their husbands. Jet continues to be considered a protective stone, particularly for travelers for whom the stone represents safe returns. During the middle ages, people drank powdered jet for medicinal purposes. This stone was especially popular in Victorian mourning jewelry because Queen Victoria wore it after the death of Prince Albert. 
Victorian mourning pin via
In modern spirituality, jet is said to attract old souls and can serve as a doorway into psychic dimensions, particularly through dreamwork. Jet guards against negative energy, anxiety and nightmares.  
Victorian cameo ring via
Jet is linked to the base chakra and can be used to cleanse it as well as stimulate kundalini energy. Capricorn is jet's associated zodiac sign while Saturn is its planet and earth its element.

I love jet's velvet luster and striking black color. Due to my fascination with the 19th century , I especially love jet Victorian mourning pieces. 


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