April 15, 2013

DIY No Maintenance Terrarium

from my Etsy shop (sold)
One simple way to bring nature into your home is through darling terrariums. By using preserved moss, you can make a terrarium  that requires absolutely no care yet still imparts an organic sensibility to your space. In addition to home decor, these terrariums make wonderful  party favors, centerpieces and gifts. If you can put objects into a jar, then you can craft a beautiful, no fuss terrarium. 

Terrarium DIY

Terrarium DIY by melinabee on Polyvore


*pretty glass jar with or without a lid
*pebbles (or beach glass or marbles)
*preserved moss (available in craft stores)
*decorations like pretty pods and/or figurines

Now All You Have to Do Is:

Layer the ingredients! Start with the sand, then the pebbles, then moss and lastly the decorations. You can skip the sand and/or pebbles. Because the moss is preserved (aka not alive) you do not need to worry about proportions. Is this seriously not the easiest DIY? 

with echinacea pods
Do you like terrariums or plan to make one?


  1. It's adorable! How did you open the lightbulb? I saw a similar DIY on Rookie once, and forgot about it. I think I forgot because I thought: if I want to make this, I need to clean my room. Hmmm. I still need to clean my room :)

  2. it's not a real lightbulb, it's a small bottle made to look like one. can't get any easier than that!

  3. Oh yeah, now I notice that it does look different than normal lightbulbs :)

  4. so cool!


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