April 12, 2013

5 Things I Like: Favorite Lipsticks Edition

Dior: Red Muse, #444

Red Muse #444 makes me feel like Sophia Loren + Bettie Page + Monica Bellucci. So lightweight and smooth, the texture is wonderful but it's the color that's truly glorious. A mixture of red and coral pink, this lipstick is the color of a perfectly ripe Pink Lady apple, which happens to be my favorite kind. Just saying the words "red muse number four four four" makes me feel so giddy, I've focused haiku on the phrase. 

MAC: Russian Red

Versatile and stunning, if you only buy one bright lipstick, this is it. Before she became a L'Oreal spokesperson, this was Gwen Stefani's go-to shade. I've seen Russian Red look flattering on women of all different skintones and ethnicities. The matte texture makes this lipstick photograph beautifully

Hourglass: Fresco

Really, the perfect name for this nude lipstick would be toasted almond. The creamy yet matte texture makes lips look fuller while the color creates a neutral, earthy mouth.

MAC: Deepest Wish

Doesn't wearing dark, vampy lipstick make you feel sexy? This midnight berry lipstick has all the drama of black lipstick without the harshness. (Jetblack lips amplify skin imperfections on me, you?) I like to wear this with 90s summer dresses. I'd love to see this lipstick on a very fair platinum blonde with light eyes. Can you make this wish come true for me?

Nars: Carthage

Sometimes I need hot pink lips to feel 100% myself, ya know? This formula is very matte which somehow subdues the color. The slender design makes this lipstick very easy to apply precisely. I like to pair Carthage with saccharin-sweet 50s styles.

What are your favorite lipsticks of all time? Keep an eye out for the haiku-themed version of this post coming by the end of the month.



  1. my favorite? uh, the clinique lipstick i bought >5 years ago, aka the only one i own. i think i should branch out.

  2. important question: are you aware that white lightning is marrying her BF preston?! i am very much enjoying following her photos on instagram now that the blog is seemingly dead.


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