March 29, 2013

Zodiac Dresser: Aries Again

My astrologically-themed series The Zodiac Dresser is back after a year's hiatus. This time around, I'll have less info (don't like repeating myself) and more jewelry. Today's post celebrates my own sign Aries. It was inspired by my birthday twin, Asa
kaftan: thrifted, I couldn't style it how I wanted due to the weather
Given Aries's passionate, fiery nature, being associated with the color red makes perfect sense. Aries are direct, trend-setting and upbeat but also argumentative and impulsive. 
jewelry: vintage Kuchi 
Each astrological sign is associated with a different part of the body starting from the top and moving down the body. First in the zodiac's calendar, Aries is associated with the head hence my head-dress. 
necklaces made by me using vintage 70s charms
Because it's represented by the ram, I've always associated Aries with big, hoop style earrings alluding to curved horns. 
photo by Ann Thompson *  makeup by Alyssa, the beautiful redhead in my Etsy photos
Fashion-wise, Aries tend to be trend-setters because they like to be first, are confident and love novelty. 

Any Aries readers out there? What is your personal style like? 

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  1. I'm an Aries (April 2nd) and I love flamboyant, colorful dressing, but my style also tends to change with my mood. Thanks for the info on my zodiac style! You look gorgeous!

  2. After I saw this post and the one about Asa, I had a dream that I got to wear tribal jewelry and when I woke up, I was sad. The point being, I LOVE it. Big silver, big shapes, bright colors. But as you know, not an Aries. :(

  3. but did you know I find Aquarius to be the most inspirational sign for outfits over all? my aquarius outfit from 2011 is one of my favorite outfits I ever, ever posted here

  4. the one with the purple dress? huh, really? i wonder why... i would have thought Aries or maybe Virgo (something totally opposite and therefore challenging).


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