March 20, 2013

Your Feedback Wanted

Hi Everyone,
apropros of nothing
It's time for me to ask for your input and feedback regarding my blog. I know I was not such a consistent blogger in 2012 so you need not chide me for that. I want to know what you want to see more of, what isn't working, how do you like the new banner and layout? What were your favorite posts I've done and which wasted your time? If any of you have been to my shop and want to critique my jewelry as well, I'd be thrilled.

My goals for this next year are to:
In the first year or two of blogging, I had steady increases in followers but that seems to have tapered out. Any ideas and how I can increase my readership? Those of you who have been reading for a good while now, why do you keep coming back?
thanks so very much! from the bottom of my

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  1. Maybe you could combine your two blogs into one? I realize that doing so might alienate some people, knowing how some people react to new age ideas. Either way, I enjoy reading your blog and have been a reader for years because of your genuine, and unique content. Some post ideas might be on natural healing (if you have any tips, experience), recipes, d.i.y., life experience stories, old family pictures, re-doing favorite outfits, favorite book and film lists/reviews, more exercise tips, and outfit posts!

    1. Hi Liz,
      always glad to meet a reader. I will be doing "cross over" posts on each blog that will link over. For example, I plan on doing more about astrology and rocks over there that I would link to in appropriate articles here. I thought about combining the two, but felt that yes, it coud alienate readers who are here just for fun and style and are not interested in my new age beliefs


looking forward to hearing from you!