March 15, 2013

Style Star: Asa Soltan Rahmati from Shahs of Sunset

Even though I love reality tv, I can't say that I relate to or want to befriend any of its stars with one exception-- Persian pop priestess, Asa Soltan Rahmati.

I feel like we have so much in common. We both: have near-eastern parents; are Aries with the same birthday; love crystals; are creative and know how to work some eyeliner. Asa's mad accessorizing skills plus her new-age, no BS attitude make her an inspiration and a style star.
 I love Asa's beautiful, genuine smile and her full, arched eyebrows. 
I am in love her  tribal kuchi bib necklace. 
Asa wears some of the most gorgeous jewelry including authentic tribal pieces and tons of gold. 
Another amazing bib necklace, this time Egyptian. 
"I'm proud of my ethnic features."
Big hoops + name plate + red lipstick = are we the same person?!
Like me, Asa likes to keep it real all around, including an appreciation for traditional dishes done right.

"Great tadig (persian rice with golden crust) is the color of gold from the saffron you put in it. The saffron is very beautiful. You can't substitute with food coloring-- some people do this."
I wish I had these with an "M". sssssoooo boss

A is for Aries of which Asa is a prime exemplar. She's direct, bold, outspoken and optimistic. "I wanna bring people a healthy beverage enhanced with diamonds" may be the most Aries thing I've ever heard anyone say. 

vintage Moschino apparently. you go girl. 
"Honey, you've forgotten what a fucking natural woman looks like."

Asa does not mince words and remains poised and confident in a confrontation.
In conclusion, I'd like to end with some vintage Asa, the pre-pop priestess before Shahs.
as a teen trendsetter; can't you see Tavi in this?
All images except for the screen caps are from Asa's own tumblr blog where I like to keep tabs on my girl. I never once imagined I'd consider a reality tv star an inspiration and I love Asa for surprising me.

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  1. I've never heard of this show but the pictures you posted show that this woman really does have awesome style. I will be Wikipedia ing this lady to learn more.

  2. for awhile I thought the text said, "Honey, you've forgotten what fucking a natural woman looks like." Which was even better. I probably won't watch the show cause I don't have cable, but she is molta bella and stylish, and i love the big jewelry and headwraps.

  3. So when is Asa's birthday? IMBD says it is Sept. 1st making her a Virgo and not an Aries.

  4. Hi Ron. I think IMBD must be wrong; on her twitter, Asa stated March 21st was her birthday (mine, too). She has also described herself as an Aries several times on the show. That said, I've certainly never seen her birth certificate or drivers' license so... ?


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