March 30, 2013

Shop Update

Happy to say that I've been quite disciplined about posting a new piece of jewelry every day to my Etsy shop, Amethyst Honey.
Amethyst paired with the world's smallest pocket knives

The overlapping stones in this necklace remind me of a handshake. 

This girly necklace combines rose quartz, iridescent glas and sliced agate.

Made from jasper, tiger's eye and evil eye glass beads, I love how this piece drapes.

This leopard jasper and turquoise necklace was inspired by my time in the southwest.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and a nice Easter if you celebrate. Hop on over to my shop and use coupon code "blogreader" for 10% off.


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  1. Damn girl, you made all of those pieces? Must have taken you forever. Congrats on getting more into your shop, I'm trying to work on the same. :)


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