March 18, 2013

Outfit: Daisies and Clowns

Wow, remember when I started this blog and posted outfits all the time? Derp! My new goal is to aim for 1 outfit post a week from now on though. (Emphasis on "aim".) Yesterday's outfit was all about daisies and clowns.
clown daisies
earrings: thrifted in Montana; vintage belt: thrifted in RVA
Two terrible things in the world of vintage are house-dresses and polyester. But sometimes it takes being terrible to be awesome, ya know? This 60s/70s number is my new easy breezy dress, the kind I just throw on and feel right at ease. Its triangle zipper pull takes this dress to the next level.
dress: thrifted in VA * tights: Target
accessories detail
shoes: Sanita
What are your feelings on polyester? Is it a perfectly fine fabric, something you make exceptions for or simply unacceptable?

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