March 31, 2013

Lapis Lazuli


Deep blue often mixed with golden specks, lapis lazuli has a natural association with the sky. The word stems from "lazaward", Arabic for "heaven" or "sky". 

Lapis was widely used by ancient egyptians who used it it  for scarabs, Tutankhamun's mask and even  powdered as eyeshadow. They believed lapis helped the soul gain immortality and would bury lapis amulets with the dead. 
Lapis has also been used to make buddha statues in the far east as it is believed to bring peace of mind and dispel evil thoughts. Lapis is also associated with the third eye chakra. 

In modern new age spirituality, lapis is said to bring contentment and meaningful, maybe even prophetic, dreams. Lapis is a protective stone which enhances creativity and inner peace. Astrologically, lapis is associated with the sign libra, the element air and planet Jupiter. 

Personally, I love to pair lapis with gold because it reminds me of Giotto's starry sky from the Arena Chapel. 

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