March 08, 2013

5 Things I Like

Kenzo's Winter 2013 Eye Prints

I've always had a thing for eyes, maybe because I come from a culture with a strong belief in the evil eye and so I've worn blue-eye charms since my infancy. Kenzo's layered eye prints are amazing proof that sometimes, more is more. The shoes are killer!

L-Theanine Supplement

Though the name sounds chemical, it's just a natural supplement derived from green tea that helps improve mood and outlook. I've been having a really difficult past couple weeks full of disappointments and even heart ache, but have found taking these capsules seriously reduces my stress.

Pyramid/Triangle Shapes

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My friend S. was kind enough to design me a super simple business card which features small pyramids as the only decorative element. I've since gotten really into the simple charm of this awesome shape associated with my beloved number 3. As I learn more about making my own metal components, I'm going to start incorporating triangular medallions in my jewelry. In the meantime, I am so inspired by the pieces pictured by Roots and Wings Jewelry.
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Raw Quartz Crystals

I made the pendant above for myself from a quartz I've had for many years that I got at a roadside gem shop in Lebanon.


How many of you watch this incredible show? So snarky and funny, wicked even. I recently saw this slideshow about the animation models and can't believe a man as gorgeous as Archer actually walks amongst us. Truly dangerous.

What are you into lately?

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  1. Another excellent list. :) Kenzo is always incredible. I have a thing for eye imagery, too.


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