February 01, 2013

Dr. Exercise or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gym

I've been asked several times by readers what kind of exercise routine I follow. What started as my response turned into an five-page article that I hope will motivate you to get and stay active. This article doesn't actually address the question originally asked of me (that's for another post). Instead, I want to share with you the true joy and confidence I've found through being active, especially during the time of year when many give up on New Year's resolutions to get fit.

Please, please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Special thanks to Malin Laney for her help with editing.
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  1. This is really inspiring. I'm not a naturally sporty person but I'd really like to try to be more active. Rule #1 is definately cardio.


  2. This is so great! I totally agree that exercise can be a life-changer. "You must wait 48 hours before working out the same muscle group." I think I've heard this before, but have never really considered it. Does it refer to activities like hiking and walking as well? I typically do an hour-long hike 6 days a week, but whenever I skip a day, I definitely feel stronger after the short break. I just never thought I'd be better off skipping a day everytime, 'cause I enjoy it so much. But anyway, excellent piece! I love being active, but still have a lot to learn!

    (The corset from my post is from the store BeBe. My friend bought it for me in high school, so it's been a few years.)

  3. no, Hiking is cardio, not a strict muscle building exercise. the distinction can be confusing b/c of course, you're always using your muscles when active. Muscle building exercises are more about fatiguing individual muscle groups, like push-ups, weight-lifting, kettle bell. Cardio stuff gets your heart rate up and you can do it every.single.day.!!! That is sssso awesome that you're able to hike so often-- as a city-dweller, I must say I'm a tad bit jealous.
    As for your muscles, they are getting worked out, but they won't be getting bigger (maybe just leaner) if you hike everyday, but that's ok. Muscle building exercises work by actually slightly micro-tearing the muscles fibers, which then need 48 hrs to rebuild, each time adding a tiny bit of extra tissue. That's how they get stronger. Even if you lifted weights every day, it wouldn't necc. be bad for you (tho could lead to injury) you just wouldn't give your muscles time to repair and get bigger.

  4. I love this. PREACH GIRL PREACH!!!!

  5. Ya know, that really is interesting - I never thought about it that way. I always assumed doing cardio was enough, 'cause I generally do a lot of it and am healthy, but I've always wished I could actually *gain* muscle (especially upper body), but didn't look enough into it, I guess. Thank you! :)

  6. that's a common myth amongst a lot of women. also b/c many women fear they'll end up looking bulky and unfeminine. The key to long lean muscles is low weights and many reps. Hardcore body builders do the opposite, high weights and few reps. Muscle building is very important for women b/c it helps with posture, metabolism and reduces the work on the joints.

  7. Your post is very inspiring. Just do it.Thank You.


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